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Adult Program (Ages 16 and above)

The overall focus of our adult program is the same as our children’s program, but the training is taken to the next level. No matter your age, our Martial Arts program is a fun and fulfilling workout for any adult. Each of our adult students appreciates the difference between Martial Arts training and standard exercise.

View our programs for younger children.

Mommy and Me Program (Ages 1 – 2)

This program is an introduction to Martial Arts skills, focusing on listening, balance, and coordination.

This is a great way for moms, dads, grandmas, or grandpas to bond with their little one.

Limited space is available.


Mini Mites (Ages 2 - 3)

This is also an introduction to Martial Arts skill focusing on following directions, focus, working independently, working in groups, listening, confidence, balance, respect, and coordination.

Limited space is available.


Ninja Turtles (Ages 4 – 6)

This program is where our children’s curriculum takes a firm footing. Most of our focus and goals for our younger students are the same as for our older students. The main emphasis is placed on focus, attention, listening skills, social skills, discipline, manners, and respect. Students in this program are also taught vital self-defense skill including “stranger danger,” increased balance, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills development. As with older children, our younger students are taught not to hit and that what they are learning is real and shouldn’t be practiced on others.

Children’s Programs (Ages 7 – 12)

Each child is taught the necessary skills needed to defend themselves if ever necessary. However,

a primary focus is their character education. It is our belief, that is just as important to know and understand how not to fight, as it is to learn the physical aspects of our curriculum.

For additional information on any of the programs mentioned, call us today!

When you join one of our programs,

you will see that we are much more than a karate school. We are an educational facility with long term curriculum. Your well-being is our main priority. Children in Martial Arts have an increased sense of responsibility,

a decrease in foolish risk taking, and higher self-esteem. This is what influenced us to create children’s programs with interesting and enjoyable methods. This will keep even our youngest student’s attention and teach them lifelong skills

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There is a program for everyone.

Each of our programs combines physical and mental training.

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Join our weapons club or exercise program.

Weapons Club

Our weapons club will enhance your skills and understanding of the art of Kun Gek Do. Any child or adult having an orange belt or above can join. The weapons used are all realistic weapons that can be found at home. These weapons include; Bo Staff (broom stick), Bong (short stick), chain (rope), and later on you will be taught with a sword. This club is separate from our regular Martial Arts curriculum. Students will wear a separate uniform and patch. This club also uses a separate ranking system. No Ninja Turtle aged children are eligible and any student who wants to participate must be an orange belt or higher.


Cardio Karate

This program helps you get fit and toned while learning self-defense. This eclectic fitness class combines the benefits of aerobic / cardio kickboxing with real Martial Arts techniques that work. You will be combining abs, gluts, and flexibility work along with traditional Pilates mat exercises for additional strength and toning.

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Team Program (Ages 13 - 15)

While our children are taught the necessary skills to defend themselves if ever necessary and are well prepared to do so, a primary focus is their character education. Teenagers are expected to be role models for our younger students by consistently demonstrating respect, integrity, and overall good character. Each and every one of our classes reinforce these important life skills by additionally focusing upon the building blocks that help develop them. From our use of modeling techniques to our interactive methods of instruction such as role-play, children are coached in and practice these mental qualities so that here, at school, and at home they are empowered by them.

Character education program.