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"We are thankful to be part of a family that encourages, supports, and enables healthy growth and discipline through martial arts. Master Kim and his team are kind, patient, generous, and all around wonderful with everyone they work with."

See what Tony Zangara has to say about our instructors.

"The high quality of the instructors is the most important reason I and my children love NKI.

This level of quality starts at the top with Grandmaster Kim and filters down through the masters and instructors, creating a demanding positive atmosphere which elevates the students to be their best and strive for improvement. The occasional negative / disrespectful student does not fit in, and is sooner or later gone. NKI has many other positives, but it is the devoted instructors who make each class

challenging and rewarding. Visit a class and see for yourself!"

"Master Kim is everything you could ever want in a martial art teacher. His attitude and style are perfectly suited for any child or adult. The studio is modern and professional with a very strong family atmosphere."

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